Tracie Ann Stiers

May 19, 2017

Our Bodies Are Amazing: Witnessing The Power Of Medicine For The First Time

They gave her a heart shaped pillow that has the anatomy of the blood vessels and a heart on it. The surgeons signed the pillow with a sharpie and drew on the arteries that had been grafted. Her job is to hug this pillow when she moves, or when she coughs or sneezes. She wraps the pillow, we have the nurse, the PT, a respiratory therapist, another nurse and me, the newbie aide to use a slide board to move her to the chair. The PT reminds me to watch all the lines and go slow. I was on high alert and we slide her over.
April 17, 2017

That Dreaded Question

Office jobs don’t get the “oo” and “ah” response that EMTs, medics, flight medics, flight nurses, and SWAT medics, etc., receive. It makes people think, and people have questions. They want to know about the horrible things, but not about the normal things. Have you ever noticed how sharing people are with terrible things?
April 14, 2017

Love In The Emergency Department

My favorite ER love story starts in triage. A long line of people waiting to be seen. Enter two middle-aged folks. Obviously homeless. Wearing clothes too large for them. And their skin is covered in pink and purple.
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