Patient Life Lessons

April 19, 2017

Service And Boundaries

I work in a rural hospital that is not a trauma center. Sure, traumas come in, but it is our job to stabilize patients and send them to a facility with trauma teams and surgeons. We call the cavalry, which is usually a helicopter, while we stabilize.
March 27, 2017

Running A Little Late

Then the pager goes off. Highland. OR 6. I kegel, pound the rest of the latte, and start the car. OR 6 is where the big stuff happens – the stuff you see on the news. Many very bad traumas go in and few come out.
March 7, 2017

Let’s Get Extubated!

Going from a medicine induced coma to the Full Monty of awake, afraid, and painful of being intubated can induce the kind of panic usually reserved for pilots who run out of fuel or skydivers who's parachute doesn't open. The shock for most is nothing short of horrifying. But don't worry, it gets better.
February 28, 2017

Don’t Make Me Be Better

Your healing, like your health and your life. is yours alone. No one can take your meds for you, go to Physical Therapy for you, eat right for you or live your life for you.
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