Caleb Southerland

October 1, 2018

Patient Advocacy: Broke?

If you are trying to convince yourself that you are brave, this is not the career for you.
March 14, 2018

Special Treatment

Sometimes patients are overt in their desire for privileged treatment. Sometimes coworkers want to convey a desire for exceptional care for certain people. But in many circumstances, the lines are a little blurry.
May 31, 2017

Different Teams On The Same Side

I observed how in the busiest of times when an ER nurse was trying to move patients “upstairs” (MedSurg or ICU), they would often feel a palpable amount of cultural tension. Not only did other departments appear to work at different speeds, but had very different goals and ways of doing things.
April 19, 2017

Service And Boundaries

I work in a rural hospital that is not a trauma center. Sure, traumas come in, but it is our job to stabilize patients and send them to a facility with trauma teams and surgeons. We call the cavalry, which is usually a helicopter, while we stabilize.
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