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The Blunt Side

There are few places in life where we are given the opportunity to be our best selves as pronounced and emotionally charged as service to others.

We in health care and first line public service have taken up the call to run toward danger, push into fear, and protect others from what we fear the most. Be it danger, disease, or even death. Those of us who believe it is a calling and a privilege to place ourselves at risk in order to reduce the risk to others is a special and set apart kind of people.

Our industries have become fodder for political and public debate that has left we providers stuck in the middle to rot on the vine or become a target of public discourse. From the challenges of police brutality to the financial constraints and safety issues of healthcare, providers are trapped being asked to do their best for an employer of wavering integrity, in service to a public of questionable motives and intent. The Blunt Side of the Needle is a story and information sharing platform where those who are at the front line of civil and public service can shed light on the individual and big picture successes and challenges of this job. We believe that no matter what your job is, or isn’t, all people can grow stronger within themselves and build more meaningful relationships beyond themselves by sharing knowledge and experience.

In healthcare and emergency response, we hold a disproportionate portion of broken families, divorce, addiction, and suicide. Our people at the front line of public crisis management have taken the weight of saving others upon themselves, and without recourse to give voice or seek help, have ended up disgruntled and burned both professionally and personally. Who rescues the rescuer? What happens when 911 needs to call 911? The reality is we call back up. We call for help from our peers and industry cohorts we trust. This community, The Blunt Side of the Needle, is that group of servants. A family and an industry that can hold each other up in support, celebration, and solidarity.

Through this online story and information sharing platform, we will offer validation for the experiences of those providers wrestling with the conflict of balancing internal peace and the life-threatening emergencies of others. We will provide support through cross-pollinating ideas and strategies between providers, who through meaningful and thoughtful conversation will discover tangible coping mechanisms and the intangible gift of community. We will partner with industry professionals to funnel learning and growth opportunity toward providers seeking new tools and resources. Perhaps most notably, is that the Blunt Side of the Needle will provide an avenue for those outside our profession to see things from our prospective. People have had opinions and flouted ill-informed ideas diluting the integrity and public confidence of our industry. Perhaps now a more meaningful and productive conversation can begin.


The Blunt Side of the Needle exists to bring to light and honor the human experience of providers that serve so that others may live.


The Blunt Side of the Needle will be an internationally recognized brand for delivering high value content directed toward and of high interest to medical and first responder providers. The Blunt Side of the Needle will be known as the go to place for learning and knowledge sharing for those interested in medicine and first responders. We will help bring to light the needs, interest, and passions of those at the point of care in order to create more thoughtful and considerate conversation at the leadership and policy level of employers and society.

So you have a story to tell, but you don’t know where to put it.

The Blunt Side of the Needle was born from a provider who had seen too much and needed to process the information in a constructive way. After hearing story after story of lessons learned, it became clear that the sharing experience was critical for 2 reasons: For the reader the catharsis of processing and validating the experience can unlock negative cycles. Secondly; others would become stronger and more capable from learning and vicariously experiencing what had happened. We believe every Provider has something to share, and it’s time it came out into the world. The Blunt Side exists to promote meaningful and productive conversations around the experience of being a provider. A “Provider” is an umbrella term to describe people who provide for others. Founded by a critical care nurse, many stories revolve around medical providers. We also acknowledge those in Law Enforcement and Firefighters and encourage them as brothers and sisters of public service to participate in this community.

How It Works

Step 1: Believe That Your Story Matters:
Your experience is unique because it is yours, and the way you experience it can open others eyes to understand more about the material and content you are interacting with. A tough call, how to interpret an ECG, overcoming challenges of the job or what you think people should know about the job; all are valuable and important. If you have even the start of an idea that you should share something, that is probably because you have something that will build up someone else.

Step 2: Write It Down:
Take 20 minutes, or a week, or whatever you want, and just get it on paper. Just start. That is the hardest part. Don't try to finish it…. Just start it.

Step 3: Share It With Us:
Jump onto the website and submit your work. It does not have to be polished or perfect. If you are struggling with an idea, or are not sure where to take an idea, then just submit it and let us help. We have copy editors on staff, and a small panel of writers who will review your work and provide feedback. You can ask for direction, spelling, or just to simply submit and let us review it and tell you what we see. You will be provided with multiple opportunities to communicate with us about your piece. Your writing will never be made public without your final approval. We will respond to your submission within a week.

Step 4: Final Approval:
When we believe your article is ready, having pass our review for content coherence, grammar, spelling, punctuation, HIPAA compliance and our ethics review, we will return to you an opportunity for final approval. This will also be the time you can provide any links, images, videos, or other content you want associated with your post. We will then place your post in the que to be submitted and will be provided a date your article will be published. The timeline from submission to final posting can take as long as it takes. We will respond promptly and allow you ample opportunity to review and confirm your submission. Typical time for a well written initial draft article is 2 weeks. Longer time will depend on number of revisions.

Step 5: Follow Through And Interact:
After your post is live, you will be provided the link via the email we used to correspond so that you can see it and share it with your friends. As people post onto your article and discuss it, you are welcome to reply and interact with those who are reading your article.

What about HIPPA?
For recommendations on protecting privacy and avoiding HIPPA violation, please visit the Department of Health and Human Services HHS.GOV here and read up on "Safe Harbor Method" under "De-Identification Standards". It's not hard; simply do not give any information that identifies an individual. Avoid specific year, location more specific than state, and persons involved, (where, when, who). Your article will go through an approval process before posted which includes a review for HIPPA compliance.


  1. We promote healthy conversation and debate intended to grow and share knowledge.
  2. We believe in the catharsis of writing as a tool for mental and emotional health for providers, as well as a source of support and encouragement to the readers.
  3. We promote the delivery of quality education.
  4. We encourage diversity and unique ideas.
  5. We support, uplift, and bring honor to Providers and the industries they work for.
  6. We expect honesty and integrity from ourselves and those we interact with.
  7. We do not allow any kind of hate, racist or hostile behavior or communication.
  8. We do not drag down or personally attack any single department or person.
  9. We encourage people to discuss solutions to problems.
  10. This is not a platform to complain. This space will allow people to think about and unpack their experiences in order to encourage solutions to come to the surface.

Interested in contributing your healthcare provider experience?

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